Compound interest

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Compound interest. I'm not sure about you guys, but I always see the term as something related to finance. Or money. But rarely associated to other things in my daily life.
Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
I realized the compound interest benefits of the daily habit after going through the 100-Word Writing Habit. And it felt great.
One of the main reasons why we quit doing something is because we want immediate results, whether it's learning a new language, learning how to code or writing a newsletter.
Results take time and practice.
We don’t see results for two reasons: 1) We don’t keep the habit long enough for results to happen. 2) When results do happen, they are so small in the beginning, we don’t notice. — David Kadavy
So, if I write only 100 words a day, I'll have a 3000 words essay after a month.
That’s a 36,500-word novel every year. — David Kadavy
A novel? Whoa, wishful thinking, but I think it's achievable. Doesn't matter if it sucks or not.
How about you? What habit do you want to build?

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