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Writing as a habit

Why would I want to do a 100-word writing habit for every single day?

For one, I want to build a habit so that I can start writing for my blog and newsletter.
I want to share my story as a solo founder/entrepreneur with my own words, about the struggle and the lonesome journey.
Sharing my thought processes of things I do, like building an app, launching them, and later documenting them as reference. Every hit and misses.
And the joy of finding. Stumbling on new no-code tools, meeting like-minded friends and mingling with very supportive communities.

I also discovered how much I love writing. I didn't realize this, but I've been writing on and off since school. What's stopping me was I didn't think I had it in me.
I was under the myth,” You can write, or you can't”. And I wasn't writing for myself. I was writing to impress. With that alone, the motivation died off as soon as I start.

As I mentioned before in I write for myself post, daily writing has become my drugs, my Zen garden.

Here are the things I think have helped me the most since I started this habit:


Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
When I put down my thoughts on writing, it gives me the answers that I want as soon as I wrote them down. For example, when you're in doubt, you write them down and the other “you” will respond to them. It's like a therapy on my Notion page (my safe zone).

Ideas bank

My previous 100-Word Writing Habit page has now become my ideas bank on the Notion page.
My previous 100-Word Writing Habit page has now become my ideas bank on the Notion page.
By writing every day, I've acquired a lot of good materials for my blog, my writing in public articles and maybe for my book someday. Endless opportunity gained by writing a lot.

Improve writing

This is a no-brainer. When we practice every day, we will surely get better.
It's not any different from building an app or learning new language, practice makes perfect.


Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
By putting down my thoughts in writing, I will be more personal. I'll start sharing about myself and surely, I'll talk about my surroundings. The effects of my doings to my spouse and families, colleagues, customers, followers, the good people at the community I just joined and lots more.

This is what I've gathered for the past 3 months. Different people might experienced differently. But I'm pretty sure, it's going to be good.
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