Hi, I'm Leif Latiff.

I'm currently based in Cyberjaya, about 40 minutes from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.
I've worked in the tech industry for more than 15 years before I quit to work on my own startup idea, which later failed.
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I Love Building Stuff

I founded Jerami Tech and Airtable Wiz.
I've also built No Code Asia, an Asia-Pacific timezone-friendly community-based group for Indie Hackers, Solopreneurs, Small-Business Owners, etc.
I've been building since I could remember. The evolution of technology: from custom PCs and storage servers to websites like Geocities and WordPress, and now to No-Code platforms.
Like many others, I've also plunged into the world of AI GPT, particularly exploring the realm of the custom GPT API.
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I Write & Coach

I’ve been writing tech documentation for clients, and discovered that my writing style is suitable for a more casual reader.
From the joy of writing, I eventually ventured into coaching. I found that sharing my knowledge and helping others navigate the tech industry was incredibly fulfilling.
Currently, I specialize in leveraging No-Code and Airtable as a stepping stone for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their own tech startup.
For more details, check out Airtable Wiz. Or follow me on LinkedIn.

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