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” Too many beginner writers pick big topics like “Everything You Need to Know About the Stock Market” and “Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age.” Then, they get stuck because their ideas can expand in infinite ways.” — David Perell
Oh wow, that's so me.
Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
When I started my newsletter, I thought it won't be that hard.
I already have my notes from my project builds. It should be easy, right?
That changed when I tried to write a bigger topic. I became paralyzed.
Writing technical build thought processes can be a killer to one's self-esteem.
Suddenly, blank, when you start writing something. You wondered if you really have it in you or if you're just a fake.
Funny how apt the quote from David Perell was.
I almost gave up the newsletter altogether. Sort of, for now.
But thanks to the two Davids; Perell and Kadavy's 100-Word Writing Habit, I started to write again.
And I'm writing small.
It's like “tiny products” of writing. I don't have to cover the whole topic. Just divide them into small pieces.
Inspiration can be found in smaller forms. Like quotes or snippets.
Create an “idea” space or block. It will be easier when you write every day.

P/s: I almost fall into a “trap” of making it “bigger” (to sound smarter) during editing this post. Phew.😌
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