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Updated 24 April 2024 3:45 PM GMT+5, from Astana, Kazakhstan.

Moved to Kazakhstan

Yes, we have moved to Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The question of why we move will be answered on a separate DM. You know where to find me.😉

Learning Russian + Kazakh

Now that our new location is revealed, hence why we are learning Russian as about 99% (my personal estimation) of the population is speaking the language due to their long history under the USSR.
I wanted to learn Kazakh first because it sounded softer than Russian, but we need to survive first.

Work or Projects?

I have put a stop to all the projects I was working on before the move, including Airtable Wiz and Bunni, an AI project developed by Farez — he did very well without me.
I must confess, my creative spark has dimmed after my long absence. It's high time I sit down and delve into my collection of neglected projects, determining which ones still ignite my passion and are worth pursuing once more.


Journaling + Pen-drawing
  • I stopped doing these during the last few months in KL. But I would want to start again soon.