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No Code Asia, and #NCAPory

We just wrapped up our first no-code challenge and the Demo Day last month. The whole thing was fun, working with Sam and Pure joy!
At the same time, Felix decided to give NCA a new look with a new logo and banner. And a major update to the website is currently in progress. We will have a proper membership page and member-only sections. To be announced soon.

Building in Public

I'm back getting into the daily tweeting groove. I thanked NCA activities for the distractions.
If it's too good a distraction, then double down on it.


I rarely write about my family, only on the surface and the occasional "did this with my kid" and selfies with our cat.
But it was a critical time to put on my parenting-hat to decide on the next step for our kid. So, my focus was to assist and improve her studies at the end of last quarter.
I'm thankful my project management skills come in handy.

Next project(s)?

I don't talk much about it, only with the closest friends, but I'm actually transitioning from my agency work to my own solo projects.
I've started to drop my retainers little by little and only kept those that became good friends. The beauty of making "internet" friends.
On what type of projects am I working on, it's still at early stage.
I'll share when the time is right. No, it's not a SaaS.😉

What's going on?

Our prime minister has announced the lifting of the interstate travel ban, starting tomorrow 11th October 2021. Great news for us!
We plan to go back to our hometown in Miri, Sarawak, which is on Borneo island, across the South China Sea, sometime soon.
It'll be my first "holiday" in two years.

Updated Oct 10, 2021, from Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

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