This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. And if you have your own site, you should make one, too.

Old news, but I’m back to indie

Quit my job that I joined in April-May 2022 (refer below) in November 2022.
I’m now a full-time employee.
Currently working as Project + Automation Manager for a small startup based in the US.
So far so good. Transitioning from as a solo agency to a full-time worker was a breeze.
Loving the freedom and trust given by the CEO.

Now building Airtable Wiz

I’ve always been fascinated with how fun it is building anything with Airtable.
Built a quick landing page for No Code Asia, and founder’s directory for Made by APAC.
Fun projects like Tweet Quotes with Stencil, and Community Builder Kit (now defunct).
It’s high time for me to create an educational blog and newsletter to showcase Airtable-Stack’s ability to help our daily businesses.

2023 Focus 1+1 Theme

As the title goes, I’m going to limit my focus to one main project this year. And one bonus non-committal project which can be a seasonal (on-off) project.
Currently, it’s the Airtable Wiz. And, its newsletter which you can sign up for via Airtable Wiz website.
P/S I don’t update this page much, maybe once or twice a year. So, I would recommend you follow me on Twitter. I’m the most active there.😉
Updated 9 March 2023 10:21 AM SGT, from Cyberjaya, Malaysia.