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You've tried but failed, skip now and start fresh.
I've mentioned several times about my unfinished newsletter post. I think now is the time for me stop doing it and move on to the next thing.
I might put it aside for now but from the look of it, as it does reflect on trends and time, I might as well bin it entirely.
The topic is rather simple but whether it's imposter syndrome, just another shiny-object or whatever the reason is, I need a set of rules to counter bad procrastination. In which I should've done much earlier.
I'm going to start this rules now, for all new projects.
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  • Set 3-6 weeks maximum dateline
  • 3-strike rules → Determine cut to skip time. It can be 3 days or 3 weeks review straight “evil” procrastinator.
  • No feeling rules → Means, doesn't feel worth it. This is tricky because it can be a shiny-object thing. Maybe the need to set maximum lowest time. If less than a week, then it's legit.

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