Pivoting Life As You Know It
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2024 Calendar
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Fresh ideas, a freelancer space, community vibe, Airtable Wiz
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Pivoting life with fresh ideas

I thought I had finally made it into the cool crowd, working on an AI SaaS product, but then I experienced another burnout. It sucks!

I can't afford to have another burnout in the middle of a big move to another country. So, in January 2024, I need to make the big decision.
Either to continue working on the dream while still doing consultation and managing a newsletter, OR, sacrifice one or two of them.
I decided to let go of everything, except the thing that brings food to the table - consulting. I need to regroup, refocus and regain my sanity.

Fast-forward to Post-Move

I somehow regained my sanity and still doing consulting work. But I’m ready for more.
Am I going back to the AI SaaS product? The partners somewhat, have moved on, and I feel really bad for abandoning them.
I think it is best for me to try something new. After much brainstorming, and thanks to Cathy for helping me out, I’m left with 3. And then, they were 2. I’m going to leave the other one for another day.

A Pivot of an Existing Project

I have decided to work on something that can compliment my consulting work. A directory-type platform. And something like a support group for freelancers.
Why not do both!
Quoting part of my X's post here: "… a cool spot for us to exchange ideas and help each other out. Plus, it could be a great place for potential clients to find us."
So, that’s the new Airtable Wiz!
I think it suits it better. Airtable wizards for hire, in a community vibe.
Let’s do this!🙏🏼
Leif Latiff

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Leif Latiff

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