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Have you ever been in a situation where you want to get a new domain name to reflect on your current mood or excitement?
My personal domain is ending has ended this month. I've been paying $40 for several years now. *.io domain is not cheap. And it's kind of pointless now to pay for it. The company behind the name is now defunct. I kept the name for a while on numerous projects, but personally, it has lost its value.
“Jerami” comes from Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia as a piece of straw or hay, as in hay from a haystack. Photo below for better understanding.
Source from UnSplash
Source from UnSplash
I associated the word “jerami” with learning. A haystack is like a whole set of knowledge, whereby the hay is tiny pieces of a skill set. It's like “Machine Learning” is the haystack and “Probability & Statistics” is the skill set hay. So on and so forth. It sounds like a cool name for a domain, so why stop?
I think I'm now at the phase of “doing” instead of “learning” and “teaching”. I need to start to have my own product and start making money. Not as “hobbies” or side hustle.
But then again, it's easier said than done.
I've stopped doing real work since February/March. And I stopped learning as well. No new tools to learn, no new side projects to build. Ramadan came, so I took the time to take a break and reflect.
I love writing. And I've been reading a lot. Both non-fiction and fiction, but mostly science fiction. I took several writing courses; David Kadavy, Tucker Max, David Perell and others.
OK, that tells a lot. So what should I name my next domain?

Updated Jun 27, 2021:
So it has been decided, is the new domain name and the website is now powered by I've never thought of using my own name as my brand. It's always a nickname or a moniker. It sounds cooler that way.
But I think it's easier now, using my own name. I can just be myself. If it's a brand name, I'm pressuring myself to create something to reflect its name.
If it's “leifwrites”, I need to always write and just write. If it's “leifthoughts”, I need to think of something for it to become thoughts.😂
So this is awesome. I'm awesome!
So, cheers for the better me and you!😉
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