#081 Making up my mind, at last(?)

When I created No Code Asia, it was a decision made during a 1-on-1 session with Cathy. More from her than me.
I don't even remember why we had that session. But, No Code Asia was born out of that.
Fast-forward to our very first no-code challenge and now, post-Demo Day, little did I know the whole thing was basically on me. When I "recruited" Felix and Yi Hui, I was looking for leadership for the former, and the creator-economy expert for the latter. At the end, everyone was looking at me for every plan and decision.
Did the message fail to communicate correctly? Or were there any messages at all? Knowing myself, I can go astray during meetings.
But one thing's for sure, I am that one person that needs to give an answer to every question. Or at least, point in the right direction.
I have to be that guy. I need to start to lead the team. It starts now.

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