#004 The joy of finding

It's always exciting to find something new to work with. The joy of finding. Especially new tech or software. Some call it “Shiny Object Syndrome”. A term introduced to me by one of my peers in No-Code Malaysia. And I think I might have it too as I always wanted to start something. Like a new hobby, new side projects, new skills to learn, etc. For some people, it doesn't look good. It's like you're lacking focus; always get yourself distracted. A half-baked; just can't commit to anything. In 2019, somebody told me, to get my T properly. True story. What I was supposed to tell him back but didn't manage to, is that, I do have a proper T. Just that, he wasn't looking at the right thing. Can't really blame him. We just couldn't click. For me, it was his loss and my gain. Because that was when I decided to do things my way. I have become that builder who keeps on building, write the report and share back to the world. And make money from it.
Reference: T-shaped skills

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