#044 NOW Update #1

This is the NOW update #1.

New domain name, new home = this website

I've decided to create a blog-oriented website and the new minted MDX.one came by at the right timing. It is now become the official host. Thanks Bhanu!

Writing in public

After the much-needed rest from the burnout, writing has been the main outlet for me to express and de-stress. Thanks to it and my daily writing #100WordHabit, I have enough in the banks to share them to public. So stay tuned.

SaaS dream project?

I'm on a mission to find ideas for my next SaaS project. I'll be talking to a lot of you on Twitter and calls. Excited to start this. I've been in the “cave” for too long lol.
If you want to be part of the brainstorming, you're free to DM me on Twitter. Appreciate it!

What else?

The Euro 2020 baby! My bet is France to win the championship.😆

Want to be the first to know my next project?

Maybe a newsletter? New no-code builds? A book?!

Sure, add me in