#040 Goal-driven system, is not it

Goal-driven system can only help to identify plans or directions for the next 3, 6 and 12 months. If you're a solo entrepreneur or founder, you need more than just goals or milestones. You need consistency. A long-lasting habit. And a system working around it.
This happened to me a lot. When you're working goals, you left a lot of gaps. These gaps can kill. I joined #100WordHabit which started by David Kadavy, a bestselling writer, to start building a writing habit. I was still working on some projects, a newsletter and consultations, when Ramadan came and screw up my mojo (lol). What I have left until now, is the writing. Yes, I didn't write on a daily basis but I'm still writing and have the motivation to keep on writing.
Then it hits me. Having all the goals and milestones on a daily dashboard won't cut it. Yes, you can get things done, but you won't get any value from just a checklist. We need the task work to be part of the habit.
Here's my best examples based on my daily writing habit that can be beneficial for me:
Newsletter: Split up the sections into small pieces (100 words) and try to write them daily.
Twitter Threads: Same habit, split into small sections and write them daily. And schedule them when done.
Is this something that you can relate? If yes, what habit system do you want to build?

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