#034 I can't think

When you're not sure whether you're tired or just lazy.
Second week into Ramadan, I underestimated how hard it is fasting for ~13 hours a day.
It does taking toll of my mental state. I can very much working on repetitive chores and tasks but not for the thinking part of it. I've tried to brainstorm as early as 6AM but failed. Anything after 1PM is idle. It did occur to me, “Maybe I'm making up excuses, I'm just being lazy.” Somehow it doesn't seem that way.
I can't think properly. I can't even read. Whenever I try to be productive, I ended up staring blankly at my screen. Everything is putting on hold. No LoFi chill music, white noise, etc. can fix it. Even binging on YouTube or Netflix, I will push on the forward button to skip scenes. I can't stand waiting.
Should I be worried? Is this some kind of burnout? Again?

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