#010 Why I chose writing over anything else?

As long as I could remember, I started writing when I was at secondary school (high school equivalent in Malaysia). I also journaled for a while. But threw them out because I was paranoid. I wrote my life too detailed that I was afraid that someone will read it. This was before blogging existed. Then early 2000s, I started to blog. I tried a variety of writing style. From personal blogger to magazine-style like Engadget, Gawker and Lifehacker (to name a few, couldn't remember the rest). We used to have a popular Malaysian blog aggregator called Project Petaling Street. Encouraged a lot of us to start blogging. It took a different turn when the ownership changed. Then everyone slowly dropped out. For me, adulting happened. Other than the occasional ramble on the social media, I didn't write anything until at least 4-5 years ago. I was on Twitter, and saw somebody shared their Medium page. I checked it out and was intrigued with the concept. I signed up and started to blog again. I wasn't active but I wrote at least 4-5 posts in a year. But only until recently, I picked up the writing habit again. This time, to write a report-style articles that I shared with my clients as guide and in the community groups I was in. Next, my first newsletter happened and with the recent #100WordHabit project, I'm at my most active ever in writing. Lately, I read a lot about the whole process of writing a book. I have an epiphany that I can even write a book if I continue with the daily writing habit. I came across a few new book writers, independent writers who write guide e-books (pdf, web format). One in particular is Kevon Cheung who wrote the Building In Public guide whom I made friend, thanks to the building in public movement. A few more names that I will share in another post. David Kadavy, the bestselling book author, also built his writing career with writing habit. He is the one that started this 100-word writing habit that got me hooked. It is also made a lot of sense for me to use writing as one of my business strategy. Probably better than normal marketing.

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