#054 Trying different medium

I'm most comfortable with text. I can write whatever I want and share them publicly without any issues.
I started audio when Janet introduced Racket100, it's like TikTok for Podcasters. Maximum recordings are 9 minutes, and you can record as short as 30 seconds. I like that it has "Volleys", where you can record questions and everybody has the chance to answer. It also helps if you have no idea what to record, so you can play "volleys" all day if you want. It does help with the jittery. I love that every profile has "Ask Me Anything" button. So here's mine, feel free to ask me anything: https://racket.com/leifjerami
Another medium that I might want to try is video. Just recently I was invited to talk on Madhuri's livestream. It was my first, it's embarrassing to look at. I was all giggly. I rushed through my sharing and didn't feel I do justice to the tools that I showcased. But it somehow encourages me to try to record my own and do it properly this time. So I'm planning to record a video to show how I used Notion and MDX.one to build my blog. Let's see.

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