#020 Don't tell me this

I've been hearing “keep on hustling, don't ever stop” for a while now and I'm beginning to hate it. It contradicts a lot of thinking in various ways. Here's why: Unnecessary questioning — When I see someone saying that to another person, it's like that person is not doing enough. It's adding burden to the person's already stressful journey. When that happened to me, I felt so alone and far apart. It doesn't sound smart — It's like work-hard vs work-smart all over again. You work on your tasks and you stop to reflect. You can take the whole week to get all the rest you want. Of course, you need end-goals for these breaks. Not just to binge on Netflix. It's not humanizing — You don't tell people not to stop. Stopping is not the same as giving up. If plans didn't work out the way you planned, you need to stop what you're doing and (again) reflect on it -- to pivot or start over anew. To be fair, it is understandable. I'm guilty as well for saying it. Some of you might rebut and say it's not at all wrong. It's the same as “keep it up” and “good job” with bicep flexed emojis💪🏼. But I would rather have those than “keep on hustling...”. For me, it's overrated and doesn't add any value especially after you've been working damn hard all this time.

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