#011 Antivaxx rant

One of my first cousins, has been contracted with Covid-19 about a month ago. He's working in an electronic factory about 60+ kilometres (37+ miles) from my place. He most likely got it from his colleagues because there's 30 of them who have been ferried to the quarantine centre in a place called MAEPS Selangor. He has been released and now resting at home with his wife and kid. We had this conversation through WhatsApp about taking the vaccination. He questioned my decision. I understand where he's coming from. He is surrounded by those people who easily swayed by rumours or propagandas. Furthermore, he's a survivor. He might think it's just like any other flu. I wasn't shock. Maybe a bit disappointed. But it is his decision. As long, he understands my reasons which I hope can make him rethink it more wisely. But if he doesn't budge. I will make sure he will never come near me and my family.

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