#087 The Next Challenge, Teaching

Cathy made it easier for me to decide what kind of challenge I would want to do.
It's going to be teaching, or creating a cohort-based course.
But I will go through her teaching first before I start my own. What subject or topic will I cover?
At the top of my head, "launching your MVP with no-code". But we'll see. I might want to dig deeper, for the right niche. Do some research, interview the people surrounding me. Or Cathy might have something in mind, that is suitable for me.
I've been thinking of creating a course since last year (2020). And I drafted the page on JeramiRockets.com website. I removed the page when I decided to focus on something else.
But here's the screenshot that I took for the article, "Portalfolio made with Dorik, XdotAi & more". I might relive it again.

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