#072 Managing a community

Yes, I added another community to my card, apart from No-Code Malaysia.
No Code Asia (notice the no-dash (-) there? No particular reason lol), was born after a single 1-1 session with Cathy. We talked about how hard it was to join the popular no-code communities because of the time they normally set for meetups and events. Either late at night or a few hours before sunrise. The time zone sucks in this case!
We are a team of four now. So here's what I rediscovered about working in a team of industry experts.
  • Having constant communication to prevent frustrations — better communication system (Twitter, Discord, email as last resort)
  • Set mutual agreement on goals/expectations — better tasks delegation, work environment
  • Be open for ideas even if it doesn't make sense at first. Don't be afraid to experiment.
  • Seek advice or help, or need a break — be honest, mental health is a priority.

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