#073 Quiet vs Loud

I have to admit, I'm enjoying my quiet life since I went solo.
And with the pandemic is still going on, we have the "luxury" of working from home. Every meeting, event etc is all virtual. Even for my pre-covid19 clientele, they have to make do with only Google Meet. Some of those who dropped out as my retainers, mainly due to their type of business that requires face-to-face meetups. Or so I've been told.
And then I am blessed with not only like-minded people in the community that I created, but also the same calm and quiet personality as I am.
Until recently.
Funny how it happened. One person after another. I've been avoiding "loud" people from the group that I'm in, but when it comes to my own, I have nowhere to run but to face them.
But another incident before that, was totally my fault. I saw red flags, but I proceed with the appointment. Oh wow. That was the first time;
  • I had to lie to end the call earlier than schedule
  • I didn't talk at all after our introduction, I just nod throughout
  • I had a massive headache and threw up after a call
  • I almost deleted my contact page
Lesson learned, never accept invitation for a call from cold DMs. Stick to the plan.

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