#023 Scheduling my break

I'm enjoying my long break which I talked here and here. But even on this break, I still have everything scheduled. Here's what I did as soon as I started up until now. On the first week, I stopped taking new projects and informed my clients that I'll be on a sabbatical until further notice. Fortunately and coincidentally, the remaining clients are from the finished projects and on cooling handover period. I was supposed to have discovery meetings with several new clients but nothing concrete has been agreed, so I've shot the same “on sabbatical” email to them. The next week onwards, I've already started my 100-word writing habit and just bought my new film camera. I'm also revisiting some paid Bubble courses by Lachlan Kirkwood, who is a good Twitter friend of mine. So here's my daily schedule during these period. Morning 9AM to 12PM: Read a book, Clear Pocket, 100-Word Habit Afternoon 1PM to 4PM: (Try) finishing newsletter, Learn Bubble course Late afternoon 4PM to 6PM: Walk or jog (sometimes with camera), body-weight workout for 30 minutes I didn't consistently post my tweets, hence I'll be scheduling as below: MondaysNOW page Wednesdays#100WordHabit Weekends — #100WordHabit So yeah, I'm doing a lot of writing. I've talked more about the focus of writing my #100WordHabit.

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