#013 First burnout in 2021

Disclaimer: Burnout or any kind of mental health is not just— a feeling. The same as Covid-19 is not just— a normal flu. If it's too overwhelming, go talk to a therapist near you. They helped me a lot.
When you started to overthink (almost) everything you do, it might be best to stop what you're doing and ask for help. I've been told by my therapist, it's a sign of burnout. So, I stopped working. Focussing more on writing #100WordHabit. And picked up 35mm film photography. Bear in mind, stopping doesn't mean you're giving up. Your whole body (system) just need some tender loving care (TLC). You don't have to stop everything entirely. You can work on something that is less demanding and fun. What I would normally do: 1. Work on another side projectLike trying out new no-code tool. Create a basic app with it. Like this one. 2. Offer help to others in the community — Occasionally as a member of No-Code Malaysia, I'll try to answer to any queries in the group channel. — You can also help by organizing pairing sessions for free. 3. Try new hobbies, join classes combo — A very common advise but it's the most effective. — I've been recycling between music making and photography, ever since I started working. — My wife has joined art & crafts, writing and cooking classes before. Now she just started running. Some other suggestion: Write fiction essays — I used to do this during high school and few years after I left school. — Since you might try to avoid writing about your work, this can be a good replacement. — Writing something different and uncommon is a good way to de-stress. What I would not recommend: Binge-watch on Netflix or any other equivalents🙅🏻 — For me, this is a dangerous rabbit-hole. Once you start binging, it's hard to stop. — It's productivity+motivation killer. Enough said. The main idea is to distract you from your daily work for a while without leaving “work”. These distractions can help to stimulate your brain. So whenever you're ready to start working again, you'll feel refreshed.

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