#090 Mental-States, Not Time Box

Back story


A session in this mental state helped me create a plan — to decide what needed to be done, how I would do those things, and, just as importantly, what didn't need to be done.


This mental state calls for being attuned to your curiosity, and not feeling guilty about wandering off course. It is far less-focused than Research.


I am searching for specific answers to specific questions I had in my mind. Questions I know could be critical to how I would structure my creation, or simply to getting the facts right.


It is time to do my work. It's when I created what would become my finished product. I will tie together what I learned while in Explore and Research mental states. I fleshed out an outline I created while in the Prioritize mental state.


I had to take off the rough edges. I have to make sure the grammar is good, the spelling is correct, and that any facts I was unsure of while doing them are filled in.


This is when I would do the tedious chores, aligning plans with others, financial reviews, family obligations, paperwork, paying bills, renewing subscriptions, and other administrative works.


After working hard all month long, I need to replenish that energy. Taking time-outs, going on vacations, a sabbatical, visiting family and friends, or trying new hobbies.

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