#009 Build your presence

I came across somebody who is about to launch her first book on Twitter. It's a guide book on a niche topic that piqued my interest. I'm sure it is something that can improve my business plan. I was about to take the plunge to get it but wanted to get to know more on her work. Nothing. There is nothing on the internet that shows her work as an expert on the topic. I've checked her personal website, her startups (she seems to have more than one), her social media profiles and LinkedIn. Nothing that can convince me to buy her book. Her tweets are non-related with a bunch of random retweets. Her profiles are more on papers (PhD etc) and self-proclaimed. I've become frustrated with what I saw. So here's the thing, it was a quick search. Less than an hour. But I'll be blunt as the world has changed, gone are the days having papers like PhD are more than enough to sell. This shows the importance of having your online presence properly planned. Post something that you're claiming to be. Show some proof. Tweet or retweet something relatable. Add your own opinions to it. You need to separate your personal/random profiles from your work. It is OK to share something personal or something fun once in a while, to show the human side of you. Start sharing your work in public. Make a conversation with your tweets. Quoting Kevon Cheung: “Growing an audience is nice, but what's better is building meaningful relationships.”

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