#021 It's OK to stop

Mental health is a tricky subject. One could never underestimate the impact. So stop giving passing remarks and unsolicited advice. There's no right or wrong solutions for it. It's just happened with its own mind. You can give advice, but often times, you just let them be. (Again) It's not the same as giving up. For me, the best advice I would give to myself is to take a break and find my “distractions” because you can't focus. And the more you work, the worse it can be. That's what I'm doing right now. I'm taking a break. I want to enjoy doing something new and fun, but with a caveat; I need to write every day. No specific topics, so no pressure on that. And I must write what's on my mind. The main goal here is to have clarity and be smarter on my “time” management. Why the quotes you might ask? I'll answer it with a quote from David Kadavy's book — Mind Management, Not Time Management. “You have the TIME. Do you have the ENERGY? You’ve done everything you can to save time. Every productivity tip, every “life hack,” every time management technique. But the more time you save, the less time you have. The more overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted you feel.”

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