#002 Compound interest

Compound interest. The term that is always connected to finance. Or money. But rarely associated to other things in our daily life. We always talk about building habits. We often questioned why? When talking about habit, it's always about the bad habit. “The kid love to poke his nose in public”. “You have a very bad habit in wasting money on stupid things!” Sounds familiar? Ask your parents. 😂Kidding. So going back to “compound interest”, it's the outcome of having a habit. The good ones of course. If you put 50cents in your piggy bank a day, you'll get $15 after a month. Enough to buy 50 Cents CD during my time. Not sure much how is it now. If you write only 100 words a day, you'll have a 3000-word essay after a month. Quoting David Kadavy's “That’s a 36,500-word novel every year.” That's probably one my goals now. How about you?

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