#015 Why 100-Word Habit?

Why would I want to do a 100-word writing habit for every single day? It's because I want to share my journey to the world with my own words. I want to share my thoughts. The thought process of things I do. Like building an app, launching them and later, document the experience. Every hit and misses. I want to talk about the struggle as a solopreneur. The lonesome journey. And the joy of finding; stumbling upon new no-code tools, meeting like-minded friends, mingling with the very accommodating communities and loads more. I also discovered how much I love writing. I didn't realize this, but I've been writing (on and off) since school. What's stopping me was I didn't think I had it in me. I was under the myth,” You can write or you can't”. And I wasn't writing for myself. I was writing to impress. With that alone, the motivation died off as soon as I start. So by joining the #100WordHabit movement, I can start to build the habit of writing and making it stick. I'm on day 15 and only missed one day as I am still adjusting the right timing to write. I've experimented by having two separate sessions; first-thing-in-the-morning and in-the-evening-before-bed on different occasions. Both has different effects. I'm much calmer in the morning. And surprisingly, I'm more melancholic or “emo” in the evening. Both has the good and bad. But for now, I'll stick to morning unless if I have a very important appointment then it'll be in the evening. So what's next? What's the plan? My plan is to keep on pushing to the hundredth day. And release it to public as a booklet. I'll name it “100-Word Habit in 100 Days”, working title. I'll be talking about the benefits of writing in public in my next post.

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