#078 Public speaking

I might have a fear of public speaking. But I don't hide or stay away from it. I wonder what's going on.
We just had one of our hackathon's introduction day, and I supposed to just read out the rules, judging criteria and FAQs. And add on my brief explanation on each part.
I somehow went blank a few quick ones, but that happens a lot nowadays. Probably the nerves are kicking in. I suddenly get distracted by looking at other screens or other sections of the room.
I thought it was a lack of practice, so I thought I might need to have a dry run. During one of my first pitch at Founder Institute's weekly dry run sessions, I went blank. I've practised hours and hours for it, but it still happened.
It became a reason for me not to practice a lot or not to practice at all.
I don't know. Somebody told me, it's better to have a lot of these sessions and improve on it hands on. Yeah, maybe.

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