#019 Writer's block?

When I started my newsletter, I thought it won't be that hard. I already have my notes from my project builds. It should be easy, right? Yes, if you stick to the format. That's until I tried to write a bigger topic. I ended up being paralysed. I just realized I'm having a terrible writer’s block and a bit of imposter syndrome. I've signed up for David Perell's Writing Guide email course and in his first email “Lesson #1: Write About Small Topics”, he wrote; ” Too many beginner writers pick big topics like “Everything You Need to Know About the Stock Market” and “Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age.” Then, they get stuck because their ideas can expand in infinite ways.” That's one way to put it. Also, you started to question yourself whether you really have it in you or you're just a fake. Funny how this email came in when I'm at the crossroad, contemplating whether to ditch this one article or just get it done. To move on and never to return. Yes, I'm going to do the latter and stick to the project build format from now on. For the bigger topics (if I decided to write one), I'll let the creative side (projects like #100WordHabit) to work on them.

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