#067 Learn to unlearn

Have you ever feel stuck working on a project?
You've tried everything that you've learned in college, the books that you read, after joining all those incubators & accelerators, but still, you feel stuck?
That happens to everyone, but when it happened to me recently, the "learn to unlearn" that a lot of you have been talking about finally sticks.
Let me clarify, the "stuck" here is the inability to continue work due to mental blocker.
That's it. Not technical skills. Not because we're dumb or inexperienced. It's the mind.
I've talked to a few people, which I encourage everyone to have a 1-1 calls at least once a month (if you're that shy). Anyway, during these calls, I realized it's always been me, the blocker — the mood killer, the samurai assassin! Battousai! (excuse my excitement, just watched Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning).
These blockers happen whenever you feel anxious and have low self-esteem due to imposter syndrome. Maybe the sudden pressure, change of environment, too many praises(?) can be bad if not handled properly and loads more.
What really help during these time, is to talk to somebody. Yes, it's hard. Especially when you're feeling down. You want to be away from everybody as far as possible. But you need help.
And to get help, you need to have the "Wall of Love".
So what is the "Wall of Love"? It's a page (in my case, a Notion page) that you put all the good deeds, accomplishments that you made, the praises that justify your kindness etc. Not just the "Good job!" or "Inspiring post!". Confusing?
Here's my example.
notion image
Make a good use of Wall of Love
Other option is to talk to people
Write and share, create the conversation

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