#085 Challenging myself, differently

Cathy is having her 10-day challenge, which is to launch 10 courses in 10 days. That's bold, scary and at the same time, exciting!
In the current world, challenging ourselves is considered a norm. It's a competitive place, and we need to prep ourselves to the hardship. If not, we will be eaten alive.
Among all the high-flyers, and the averages, there'll be a small amount of defeatists.
Often times, I felt I belonged to the latter group. I create, build and help people, but I keep it low. I don't feel like being out there and challenge the high-flyers, but I'm helping the averages to keep up with the high-flyers.
But I'm glad I'm surrounded by creative friends, like Cathy. Like Yihui who is having a drawing challenge for 30 days. Like Felix, who launches his tiny products almost every month.
I feel liberated. Enthusiastic to do the same.

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