#035 New name for #100WordHabit page

What's going to happen if the challenge is not a challenge any more and the habit is now a norm?
Answer: Give it a new home and name, and focus more on its content.
Public Lab (Cohort #1) just started their first #30DaysInPublic, so it's the right time for me to start a new challenge. I'll be upgrading my writing to a new level.
For the next 30 days, I'll be focusing more on these two topics.
1) MVP build-reports — This is not new. I just need to keep the momentum going. Initially the plan was to post it once a month, since it'll take time; building and launching etc.
2) “Fishing Elephants” (working title) — This is what I have been writing under #100WordHabit. So this is like a step forward and work on the mental (health) side of things as solo builder and entrepreneur.

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