#022 Notion

I've moved from Trello to Notion about less than a year ago. I've been using Trello to manage my daily life ever since 5-6 years ago. I've tried many project management software like Basecamp, Asana and Jira, to name a few but only Trello sticks. It's simple and minimal. Only Kanban board and that's it. I was so in love with Trello that I applied for a remote job but since I applied for a role that wasn't my forte, of course I didn't get it. Anyway, long story short, as much as I love Trello for its minimalistic, I still need to use Google Docs and Sheets for other stuff. That's when Notion came in. It has all I need in one place. Though the Kanban was hard to get used to since Trello are more superior. But I make do with other features like table, gallery and timeline. I have to admit, Notion was crucial in helping me to get back on track with my life. Both personal and work. From building new habits to working on build projects has never been easier than this. Here's my daily dashboard on Notion as of Mar 29, 2021.
notion image

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