#075 Don't stop creating

So, my main focus now is the hackathon aka no-code challenge.
I somehow stopped posting anything on my blog, which I shouldn't, but I think it worth the try to do a lot of experiments. I've used a lot of automation for this project, and my first time using Zapier at last on a real use-case.
I've also explored more on the Airtable Automation and different integration than before, which was with Pory. This time, I used it on Notion and Tallyform combination, and EmailOctopus.
I probably want to try to automate adding new users from Airtable to a Twitter list.
I need to keep reminding myself, not to stop creating. Even though I already have something to do. At least, start to think and plan on my next creation.
Here's a quick list that I might want to explore later:
  • Sell Notion by-products
  • Trying out course creation, maybe a CBC — cohort-based course
  • Create our own CBC accelerator
  • Paid partnership/collaboration

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