#008 Changed of focus

So I've talked about having doubts in our work, business ventures or whatever side hustle we're working on. Today, I will iterate my version of “when in doubt...”. When in doubt, it's time to review your current state. Sometimes gut feeling can be a good indicator to stop what you're doing and investigate. When it doesn't feel right, you can't focus. You can get distracted easily. I just launched my new venture 2 weeks ago. The article that I'm writing right now, supposed to explain my business model of choice. But I guess I'll be doing some tweaking to that. One of the plans were to create a course I named as “Super Startup MVP”. It's cohort-type course on building ideas based on the lean startup practices and blending them with No-Code. I thought of having weekly accountability group sessions as I did before with the No-Code Malaysia members. But being new to building in public, it's going to be hard to promote myself and the course. It's best to take things slowly. One at a time. Writing seems to be a good complimentary to building in public. I started to love writing more now. Big thanks to David Kadavy's 100-Word Writing Habit course. Ever since I started my newsletter last November (2020), I've only written two articles. The one that I'm currently writing will be the 3rd one. It's a painstaking process. And being the last on wheel, the progress is slow. But things going to change for the better. I'll be focussing more on writing from now on.

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