#066 The joy of working in a team (again)

Finally finding the joy of working with a team.
The last I worked in a team was two years ago. It was a marketing department.
Did I miss it? Not completely. I missed the office space's environment. With a group of people on their laptops.
I signed up to work in a co-working space, months before the pandemic started. Was there for 3 months and decided it's safer to work from home.
Today, I have the opportunity of working with a small group of industry experts, growing a niche plus a location-based community.
Of course, it was awkward at first. It's been too long.
And we've known each other only virtually for quite a while, and it never occurs for us to work together.
A lot of adjustments need to be made, mentally and organizationally. Each one has a different working style.
We might clash heads but, we will work on our strengths and adapt.
This might be short-term, I'm sure we will learn a lot from the experience and to have fun while doing it.

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