#025 Break update, part 1

It's been a rough week. After going through the first two weeks of my break, I came into the new week with anxiety. I'm guessing this might be the period of questioning my decision whether to extend or end this break. A little break down (I know, bear with me. I'll be overusing the word “break” in this one). Prior to the first week, fatigues has crept in, and I was jaded. I was also having a very bad cough. I felt sick, mentally and physically. I wanted to stop working and go on a getaway or something. But since my state, Selangor is in the red due to Covid-19, interstate travelling was barred until further notice. So I was looking for a quick “escape”, even if it's not real. I was looking at film cameras, and I thought, maybe I just get one and shoot loads of film rolls. Hence, the Konica C35 Automatic — 35 mm film rangefinder camera, bought at RM300 (about USD80). It was a bargain for a good vintage camera. I wouldn't have thought of owning an old classic camera, let alone a 50-year-old vintage Japanese camera. So the decision has been made and emails has been sent. At last, I have my needed break. Also, a time for me to reflect and think of a recovery aka improvement plan(s). First week was fun. Apart from the new camera (which I rapidly finished 3 rolls), I started my daily 100-word writing habit journey. Didn't realize how much I love writing. All this while, my endless self-doubt has crushed it real bad that I stop thinking about writing at all. The second week started with a tint of fear-of-missing-out (FOMO). I was still checking on Twitter occasionally and felt another wave of anxiety. Looking at budding entrepreneurs working hard with their usual multi-threads made me question my decisions. That I should be out there as well, hustling my ass off. I'm not doing that well but here I am, taking a break so that I can play with my new toy. Nice Leif, very nice. I stopped checking on Twitter for few days. Then, Kevon DMed me with his ideas of having a community group for his #BuildingInPublic movement. I love the idea of having a small group of 8-member. Less noise and, more focus and intimate. That's when I decided to revamp my Twitter list(s). I deleted all and created a single list and only add the people who are in my group. Going back to the start of this post. It's been a rough week. I was already going through writer's block that delayed my newsletter write-up(s) and now, I'm having a difficulty to keep my 100-word habit going. When things get tough, what should I do? #026 Break update, part 2

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