#077 What is "it's hard work"?

"It's hard work." Someone close told me.
This was during my lowest point, months after getting fired from my first startup company.
I questioned that statement. I felt like I've been accused of being lazy and never known what "hard work" is.
Prior to university, I've never been in a "hard work" situation. I was preoccupied with other fun stuff and probably a bit of drama.
I have never been a hard-working student. At university, I was into music. Beginning to collect cheap books, cassettes and compact discs (CD) and then resell them at a slightly higher price, after I write reviews on my self-printed zine which then later turned into a blog on Livejournal and MovableType. I also played in a band. Talk about that in the future.
I think what I did then, was hard work.
When I started working in a company, I had to work up late until midnight. That's my first time to experience the 40 plus hours work week, often times includes weekends.
Fast-forward to 15 years later, I've upped my work week to 65 hours with multiple side gigs.

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