#005 Follow your curiosity

I've written “Follow your passion or just work” in 2017. This was my view as an employee. I was still working at my last corporate company, before pursuing my startup idea (and failed) and getting myself fired from my first startup (as an employee). OK, that's a long read in one breath but it's a different story for a different day. Fast-forward to now, as a freelancer and startup founder, my views has changed. “I can’t work and follow the passion at the same time.” Yes true, I need to focus and commit to my role and job scope. But if somebody asks me what I would change, I would make a better use of my Twitter account. I might not have the time to build anything, but I can use my free time to do something useful on my social media accounts. At a glimpse, it seems laughable. I'm not the type of person who says, “if only I would...”. Yes, if you think it that way, it's regrettable. But I sort of learn from past mistakes and be a better person. What I would say now, “Plan your passion”. When it's time, take the leap. It's different from just “follow your passion”. It's not like there is a person you can follow. You might misinterpret it as to follow your idol or mentor. I don't blame you. The statement is kind of vague. You need to find what is your passion first before you can pursue them. I won't say, “look for your T”. It can be anything. Maybe jack-of-all-trades is for you. Passion can be anything outside of work or skill set. It can be from your hobby. Zoe Chew tweeted,” If you haven't found a purpose or passion, you can start by following your curiosity.” That in my opinion, hands down, the best way to explain it. So... follow your curiosity, make a plan for it. When it's time, take that leap.

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