#018 Reminiscing the old new

I've taken another outing on Monday to get my film rolls processed. Nowadays, I rarely drive out of my town (Cyberjaya), so it was one of those special 45-minute drive to the capital city, Kuala Lumpur (KL). Darkroom 8 Studio is located in an old housing areas of Maluri, Cheras — a small but crowded town. Took a lot of pictures around the area that I managed to finish one more roll, which later added to my two rolls earlier after loitering at the nearby Maluri LRT (train) station. As I'm going through my breaks, it was a nice scene to be able to walk around to the used to be busy city. The last time I did this was when I was still in college. My housemates and I would take a 2-hour bus ride to KL to have our weekly outing. We would go to a vintage looking music store to check on new album in cassettes. We couldn't afford to get CDs back then, but the store owner would kindly offer us to make a copy from the CD to cassette. Cheap and convenient. I will be on my Walkman listening to the new music and walked around various spots to window-shop and sightseeing. When it's almost night-time, we will rush back to the bus station for another 2-hour bus ride home. I've told myself to make this a routine at least once a month. Drive or ride to the city with my camera. Go for sightseeing, walking around, taking photos and blending in with the architecture and nature. (Minus the big crowd of course, due to the ongoing pandemic.)

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