#006 How to write out what you WANT in life?

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“How to write out what you WANT in life?”, asked Milly on Twitter. It's an interesting question to ask. She asked “how to write... instead of, “what do I want in life?”. Shared my short answer on Twitter. But here's the longer version. Let's start with a common yet simple question. “What do you want to do when you grow up?” “I want to be a doctor.” That didn't end up well for me. As we grew up, we ask different sets of questions. “What do you want to do?” “What kind of career do you want to have?” “Are you satisfied with what you have now?” “Are you doing this right?” So many questions, so little time. Argh. Take a deep breath. Take the pen. And write to these questions. 1. What's on your mind right now? It can be anything from the Covid-19, the noisy neighbours dog -to- how much you like matcha ice cream. 2. What do you (really) want to do next? Adopt a dog or a cat. Repair that damn tap. Or as simple as doing the piled laundry. It's your wants, right at this moment. 3. What are the things you want to change about yourself? List them all out. 4. No more question. Just write what you want to write. Do this every day, first thing in the morning. Make it a habit. You will start to see things clearly. You might get the answer, or no. Never mind. Just keep on writing. What you need now is clarity.

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