#084 Tiny collaborations

So I had a talk with a few good friends today. About aligning our goals or plans, so we can help each other. No extra burden to what we already have.
It's always good to have that support system among internet friends. Building in public and joining a community really helps if you do it right. No fluffs, just making friends.
I have to admit, I am in a pickle about how to make it more enjoyable in the No Code Asia community. To make everyone engage with each other. I told my team, we can't organize a hackathon/challenge every month. That puts more pressure on our already busy lives.
So today, I realized I can ask for tiny collaborations among the team;
  • I can get Yihui to contribute to writing articles on no-code builds on top of mine.
  • I can try to talk to Cathy if she wants to create a course that we can collaborate for the community.
  • I can get Felix advice on how to sell stuff (lol just random, will discuss with him later).
And probably a lot more. Tiny collaborations, aligning their projects with mine.
But a disclaimer. You can't be "friends" with everyone and expect them to help you with your goals. It's not that simple.

Want to be the first to know my next project?

Maybe a newsletter? New no-code builds? A book?!

Sure, add me in