#017 The benefits of writing every day

So I've been writing on a daily basis for the 17th day today, thanks to #100WordHabit. And I'm occasionally writing in public on a weekly basis. I'll choose one or two from the dailies and share it on Twitter. I'm also writing a (supposedly) monthly newsletter, which is a more structured format that covers in depth topics and mostly technical. This is the one that I'm still struggling with at the moment. It took me months to complete one article. My favourite would be the daily 100-word writing habit because I have the freedom to write whatever I want and not limited to any rules or formats. I don't have to oblige on publishing them to the public. I can be more personal and at ease. Here's my list of what I've gained by writing every day, in no particular order. Clarity — When I put down my thoughts on writing, it gives me the answers that I want as soon as I wrote them down. For example, when you're in doubt, you write them down and immediately you write the answers beside them. It becomes natural for me. It's like having a therapy on Notion. Idea bank — By writing every day, I've acquired a lot of good materials for my newsletter, my writing in public articles and maybe for my book someday. Endless opportunity gained by writing a lot. Improve writing — This is a no-brainer. When you practice every day, you will surely get better. Compound interest baby! Humanizing — By putting down your thoughts in writing, you will be more personal. You'll start talking about yourself and surely, you'll talk about your surroundings. The effects of your doings to your spouse and family, colleagues, customers, followers, the good people at the community you just joined and lots more. This is what I've gathered for the past two weeks. Different people might experience differently. But I'm pretty sure, it's going to be good.

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