#058 "You don't look like an introvert, Leif."

"You don't look like an introvert Leif."
Well, if I want to look like it, I won't be here - having this conversation or building in public.
It's a decision I have to make for my sanity. And I need sanity to live. For my wife & daughter.
My cure for my mental health was writing. & for me to keep doing it, I need an audience. People who can relate & respond with their own stories. It's a two-way street. Maybe better than a shrink. Maybe. For now.
The journey is the same for introverts, as it is for extroverts. We face the same creative loneliness. The same setbacks.
While it might be easier for extroverts to express their feelings openly, the inner feelings are the same. The fact that I can talk to any of you, was due to this similarities. We connect.
I remember my first networking sessions, I went home way before the event started. I hated crowds. While I'm ok with it now, I still need to prepare mentally. It's unnatural for me to just go out there & mingle.
I think that's why I started my own community; @NoCodeAsia, because I've gained so much from joining some. Yes, it can be a hit-and-miss, but you need to know how to look.
Now thanks to Twitter, it's not that hard. I've shared my journey here, in this tweet.
Lastly, mental health is real. Especially now with the pandemic & lockdowns. Don't be afraid to get real help. Talk to professionals, like I did. It helps with the nerve, especially for introverts. Take a few more sessions before you're ready to open up to others.🤗

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