#061 Venture Capitalist world

Watching @nocodechris and @reallynattu timelines reminds me of the good old days of the world of startup VCs, prepping for funding; 1k times of editing the pitch deck, etc.
But it also reminds me of how much I dislike doing all those prepping. Sleepless nights practising my pitch, and countless times changing the words on the pitch deck. The pressure of needing to convince people that your idea are relatable. When they still can't understand it, you felt numb inside. Wondering if you have the "talent" in doing what you're trying to do.
And there were times, damaged friendships due to different ways of thinking or working. Often times, the idea was OK or, at least, should be a great way to learn to validate. But due to the constant pressure of getting funding, it spoils the fun.
Of course another factor that made me quit that world, but with the better options that I discovered after the fateful day, I decided it's not for me opted to bootstrap instead.

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