#055 Two weeks of batch posts/tweets

I've written a post on my Personal Branding website here. The reason why my real name is used as domain name. The website is a blog created from Notion and powered by MDX.one.
Why a blog site? So I can practice writing and make it a habit to publish blog post every week, which is surprisingly effective. Not bad for a new motivation.
I think at the moment, I've published a total of 15 posts, 2 of them from my previous newsletter. And two weeks worth of batch posts and tweets, which is 4-5 posts a week. Not bad.
I think I can do better as most of the posts were from my "Idea bank" of 100-word daily habit. Though I have a focused theme, the idea was still new, and I was carefree and a bit lazy.
Moving forward, I'll be writing with more intent. Even on my 100-word daily habit, I'll set a complete structure. Unless it's something else like rants or empty talks.

Structure for intent

  • Short draft as idea / 100-word
  • Longer version
    • One-liner intro (to attract readers)
    • Explainer 1
    • Explainer 2
    • Explainer 3, if any
    • Solution / Opinion 1
    • Solution / Opinion 2
    • Solution / Opinion 3, if any
    • Outro

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