#065 The imposter in me

I can't write anymore.
I'm having the anxiety to write for my blog and on Twitter.
I've been writing about my mental health, the past and present.
And now, I'm stuck.
What else can I write about? I don't want to keep on repeating myself and preach about mental health.
I want to write better like the others. Like an industry expert.
I want to write about no-code and building in public but again, I don't want to repeat what others have shared.
Should I continue writing about mental health, and even on that topic, I'm running dry.
I probably need to restart my 1-1. But I need to filter my list.
Just like what Felix is doing, talking to industry experts. Not just random "friends".
I need better goals.

Want to be the first to know my next project?

Maybe a newsletter? New no-code builds? A book?!

Sure, add me in