#037 Daily Editor

Time and inconsistency has been the main culprit to my productivity.
I talked a lot about having a system for everything. But without having proper goals, they're just checklist.
I'm supposed to write at least one newsletter per month. It is now delayed for months. I also need to start writing something that I can share on Twitter as I go through my #30DaysInPublic. But I did none of those.
What I need to do now is to spend 2-3 hours a week (instead of daily) to sit down to write and do batch tasking or scheduling. So I created another system I call “Daily Editor”.
“What? Another one?!”, you say. I know. I live by it. That's how I function.
Anyway, here's the screenshot of the “Daily Editor”.
notion image
So what is it? Why is it different?
It's basically a quick daily checks and editing. 30-60 minutes. I will go through my idea bank and pick one that is suitable to be the next newsletter or tweet thread. I will add, trim and proofread it. Then put in the scheduling queue.

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