#082 NOW update #2

No-Code Asia, brand refresh, new sponsor

We just wrapped up our first no-code challenge and the Demo Day, last Saturday, was a lot of fun. Felix decided to give NCA a new look with a new logo and banner. And to add icing to the cake, a new website sponsor, Pory.io.

Building in Public

I needed new content and while it was nice and dandy, my imposter syndrome came kicking in the butt and forced me not to write the same theme again. Sort of. Though, I thanked NCA for a good distraction. And also, giving me some new ideas to write about. I'll start with writing reviews on our challenge winners.
Oh, and I'm so in love with my Content Planner 2.0
notion image


I refrain myself from writing about my family. But it comes to the critical time to put on my parent-hat to decide on the next step for my kid. Breaking that "special" bubble.

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