#026 Break update, part 2

Part 1 is here. Going through the third week of my break has been difficult. The excitement of having a break has faded a little. I was already going through writer's block, putting my newsletter write-up(s) into a halt. And now, I'm having a difficulty to keep my 100-word habit going. My obligation as a parent has arisen as well. My daughter just started her public school this week. Last she went was September last year. That's when Malaysia was having another big wave of Covid-19 until year-end. Schools closure extended until February this year. As the public schools reopened, we decided to stick to her home school and dyslexia therapy (online) for another month. Now as parents, my wife and I need to reset and readjust our daily routines. Today, she told me that her company has made a decision to get everyone back to the office. The work-from-home period has come to an end. Having said that, I'm going to end my break as well. It's time for me to take action, pivot and get back to work, starting next week.

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